Devon is committed to working closely with stakeholders in the communities where we operate by actively engaging and building trust.

Committed to working together

Devon employees engage with stakeholders daily to build relationships founded in trust and cooperation. We place a high priority on our commitment to work together to find solutions benefitting the stakeholders and communities where we operate. Our culture of integrity and accountability extends to all our stakeholders, including our employees and their families, shareholders, neighbors, landowners, mineral-rights holders, policymakers, lawmakers, suppliers, vendors and service companies.

In this era of digital communication, there’s still no substitute for personal interaction.

Finding and producing oil and natural gas involves industrial processes that can cause noise, traffic and related impacts to local roads. We have a strong record and have earned a positive reputation for repairing damage caused by industry activity. We recognize that our actions can affect our neighbors, and we are dedicated to improving the compatibility of our operations within the communities where we do business.

Our strong relationships help us avoid potential problems and address issues in ways that benefit our neighbors. First-responders come to mind. Teachers and students. Farmers and ranchers. Home- and business-owners. Wherever people’s lives and livelihoods intersect with our operations, we want to help.

When industry activity in Oklahoma raised traffic concerns, Devon stepped up as a founding member of the Energize for Safety Coalition. Together with community leaders, safety supporters and other operators, we’re committed to reducing the dangers on busy roadways where we work. The coalition developed a safety zone to reduce incidents along a state highway where the rate of accidents involving large trucks had risen. The coalition is also providing resources to local high schools to enhance driver education.

Devon is committed to working together and is available to listen and handle any concerns received in person, by phone or online. Our experienced team of land, community relations, field operations, corporate communications and related team members are trained and prepared to respond to issues with the intent of collaboratively finding solutions with our stakeholders.